Our areas of expertise

As a systems supplier we offer a wide-ranging spectrum covering manufacturing and services in commercial vehicle bodies and trailers and produce delivery vehicles, box bodies, open-sided vehicle bodies, trailers, semi-trailers and swap systems.

Customer service

Our services include professional repair and maintenance of commercial vehicle bodies and trailers, as well as a fast spare parts service.

Innovative production techniques

We apply our know how and our experience to develop a wide range of innovative ideas by also using the very latest data processing technology.

A distinctive system for training and education

Our employees are highly motivated and focused on giving the customer all round service. With our intensive training and education system we are investing in effective company development.

Forward-looking focus

Our qualified staff, the modern infrastructure and the desire to meet the challenges of the future are your guarantee that we are the right partner for you.

If you wish to receive more information concerning our company policy, please contact us.