SPIER’s semi-trailers

SPIER’s universal semi-trailers are constructed at Spier’s plant including the chassis using the most up-to-date manufacturing technologies. We can deliver mono-axle, twin-axle or triple-axle versions with flush-flooring right through, built as standard specifications, mega specifications or as multi-levelled specifications up to 39 tons permitted total weight.

Numerous optional versions as well as a comprehensive range of accessories make it possible to deal safely and reliably with any transport requirement whatever their individual nature. The haulage business requires vehicles to be adaptable and dependable.

SPIER semi-trailers are designed with long operational service in mind, and to transport products and goods safely to their destinations.

The special benefits for yourself


  • Operational longevity through enamelling or galvanising of the chassis
  • Tried and tested, fuel saving Aeroform construction system
  • Smooth, corrosion resistant plywood walls with aluminium frame brackets using modern bonding technology
  • White, translucent roof made of fibre-glass reinforced plastic
  • Base scuff rail made of aluminium
  • EBS brake system
  • Variety of load securing options
  • Certified load securing according to VDI 2700