Our services

Whenever you have problems with your commercial vehicle, SPIER is at your service, giving assistance and advice whenever you need it. We don’t just conduct standard testing, but also carry out a complete overhaul including all relevant vehicle inspections.

  • General inspections according to German law, paragraph 29
  • Special brake inspections
  • Speedometer inspections according to German law, paragraph 57b
  • Interim inspections
  • Inspections according to Accident Prevention Regulations
  • Special inspections as well as increasing and decreasing permitted weight
Maintenance and overhaul
  • Overhaul of brakes for trucks and trailers, brake matching etc.
    Repair work on PAL systems, steering systems and special fittings
  • Accident repair work including frame realignment
  • Repair work on lift
Other services
  • Vehicle preparation with aluminium vehicle bodies, open-sided vehicle bodies, refrigeration vehicle bodies and plastic vehicle bodies, as well as chassis, including sandblasting work, paintwork and lettering
  • Alterations can be incorporated according to your own preferences and ideas
  • Tail lift and re-assembly
  • Vehicle electrical systems
  • Optional vehicle equipment