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Andreas Fast

Leiter Vertrieb und Marketing

+49 5233 945 106
Thomas Berg

Leiter Verkauf D-A-CH

+49 151 55 13 46 60
Rüdiger Pilz

Regionalverkaufsleiter, PLZ:

01-19 39 98-99
+49 3304 505 591
+49 151 58 37 08 28
Matthias Henneke

Regionalverkaufsleiter, PLZ:

20-31 38 Niederlande
+49 5233 945 166
+49 160 90 54 48 82
Tanja Neuhaus

Regionalverkaufsleiterin, PLZ:

32-34 37 46 48-49
+49 5233 945-1914
+49 151 55 13 46 66
Raimund Heggemann

Regionalverkaufsleiter, PLZ:

35-36 54-56 60-69 97
+49 5258 991 435
+49 151 55 13 46 54
Andre Nübel

Regionalverkaufsleiter, PLZ:

40-45 47 50-53 57-59
+49 5233 945-3840
+49 170 58 10 64 9
Serge Scherer

Regionalverkaufsleiter, PLZ:

70-79 88 Schweiz

+49 151 55 13 46 51
Mirco Pudell

Regionalverkaufsleiter, PLZ:

80-87 89-96 Österreich

+49 151 55 13 46 53
Stefanie Waldhoff


+49 5233 945 160
Matthias Schröder

Key Account Manager Kühlfahrzeuge D-A-CH | NL

+49 5233 945 124
+49 151 55 13 46 61
Matthias Schröder

Key Account Manager Kühlfahrzeuge D-A-CH | NL

+49 5233 945 124
+49 151 55 13 46 61
Marvin Dobrott


+49 5233 945 3803
Irina Brendler


+49 5233 945 155
Svetlana Stürmer


+49 5233 945 154
Ansgar Markus


+49 5233 945-169
Dirk Böwingloh


+49 5233 945-149
Reinhardt Voss

Qualitätssicherung | After-Sales

+49 5233 945-140
+49 151 55 13 46 55
Janis Boldt

Qualitätssicherung | After-Sales

+49 5233 945-138
Hermann Krull

Qualitätssicherung | After-Sales

+49 5233 945-116
Kai Degner

Leiter Einkauf und Logistik

+49 5233 945-230
Viktor Ostertag

Kontakt für Neulieferanten, Lieferantenbewertungen, Projekte

+49 5233 945-231
Johannes Brenneker

Aluprofile u. -bleche, Fremdbearbeitung/Konfektionierung, Hydraulik-Komponenten, Platten Kühlbereich, Pulverbeschichtung und Feuerverzinkung

+49 5233 945-115
Joanna Unruh

Beistellteile, Beschriftung und Reinigung, Fahrzeugzubehör, Kunststoff und GFK-Produkte

+49 5233 945-144
Christoph Fahrenberg

Bodenplatten, Laser-/Kantteile und kleine Schweißbaugruppen, Platten Trockenfracht, Quer- und Längsträger

+49 5233 945-3805
Jörg Müller

Befestigungsteile und andere Kanban-Teile, Kleber

+49 5233 945-143
Heiko Postert

Elektrik, Kühlgeräte, Ladebordwände, Ladungssicherung

+49 5233 945-2177
Stefan Potthast

Achsen, Bordwände und Aufbaukomponenten Pritsche und CS, Bremse, Fahrzeugbaukomponenten, Heckrahmen, Planen, Reifen, Stahlbleche u. -rohre, Türen& Rolltore

+49 5233 945-128
Volker Brockmann

Leiter Konstruktion und Entwicklung

+49 5233 945 180
Stefan Reddeker

Leiter Auftragskonstruktion

+49 5233 945 161
Jürgen Spier

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

+49 5233 945 112
Markus Deimel

Geschäftsführer Technik (COO)

+49 5233 945 156
Steffen Brand

Leiter Ausbildungswerkstatt | Gewerbliche Berufsausbildung

05233 945 2192
Ann-Marie Honemeyer

Personalentwicklung | Kaufmännische Berufsausbildung

05233 945 139

| Opportunities for experienced professionals

Are you looking for a new employer? SPIER offers you the chance to start a successful career in the district of Höxter. We are happy to support you with mobility and relocation.

We help you with goal-oriented career planning in flat hierarchies with short decision-making processes and plenty of creative freedom. A partnership characterizes our cooperation.

| Career entry opportunities

Find out more about your career opportunities at SPIER. SPIER offers you the chance to start a successful career in the district of Höxter. We would be happy to support you with mobility and relocation. The further development of the SPIER vehicle factory is closely linked to the  development of our employees. Their knowledge and commitment ultimately decides on our success in the competition. A large number of individual qualification and further training measures enable you to become part of this success story!

| Training opportunities

Are you interested in an apprenticeship? Are you in the mood for technology, responsibility and success? Then we will be happy to help you. 

We offer numerous training opportunities and have been successfully training for generations

| Cooperation opportunities for students

Interested in studying, or already doing so?

SPIER has been cooperating for years with numerous students who are gaining practical experience in the company or are looking for a topic for their thesis.

| Opportunities for an internship

Are you currently a student and interested in an internship?

Then you've come to the right place here at SPIER. Visit our student friendly company.

We also offer annual internships and internships for students. We look forward to seeing you!




Every day they help us to meet our high standards

Constantly reinventing oneself, not just following trends, but initiating new ones and launching innovative developments

do justice.

For almost 150 years, our employees have shown  // passion for superstructures.

In this area, find out more about the various training opportunities, dual studies, internships, theses, job offers and career prospects at SPIER.



Only those who can assess themselves well and know where they want to go will reach their goals. This also applies to our company. Without a goal and without an identity, there is no drive to keep moving. We have been working on optimal solutions for complex customer requirements every day for more than a hundred years. The goal is the satisfaction of our customers. Our identity paves the way to this goal and gives us the drive that we need. But what does this identity look like and what are its core values?



Innovative power is not only evident in new projects that bear fruit. The origin of an innovative product is the people in the company who are not satisfied with the status quo give. The SPIER products are only the visible end result, which leads to customer satisfaction and enthusiasm for the SPIER brand. But it is the creative power and creativity of the SPIER employees that make innovations in the first place sets in motion. This applies to development, production, sales or service. Who do we do all this for? Quite simply: for our customers!


Only together can the future be optimally shaped. Knowledge transfer is very important at SPIER, because new opportunities only arise if you think outside the box.

The majority of the process optimizations are created at SPIER in the operative business. Specialist knowledge and coherent thinking are therefore important to us - we encourage further training requests, work in a structured and cross-departmental manner and together generate profitable added value for the future.



We do everything with passion, because extraordinary ideas only arise from passion. We have a sense of diversity and individuality, recognize the competencies of others and reward ingenuity and creativity. This passion for Our work and the SPIER products is the value that drives us the most and keeps us moving. It is the key to our motivation. We want to set trends with our passion and be successful together with our customers, that is what drives us us.