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Different Package Vehicle Solutions

| On the move throughout Europe

With a product range from the SP45plus (3.5 t GVW) to the SP100 (7.2 t GVW), we provide our customers with very different transport solutions in the area of delivery and parcel vehicles. Loading volumes of 14 to 28 m³ and payloads of 1,000 to 3,600 kg are achieved.

We have deliberately positioned our delivery vehicles in different weight classes in order to be able to deliver adequate products to our customers who operate throughout Europe.


Looking for a pack vehicle conversion for your van?

Versatile, robust and sustainable

| Built for the rough everyday delivery

All integral vehicles that are available from SPIER have equipment features in common that are indispensable for the demanding everyday delivery and CEP service. As one is used to from SPIER, they are in Steinheim The parcel vehicles manufactured are also exceptionally robust and sustainable built and keep the quality promises that you expect from the SPIER brand is groundbreaking in terms of efficiency, form and function.

Freedom of movement and comfort when delivering

| Ergonomics in series

Ergonomics and user-friendliness are the constant focus in the development and production of SPIER parcel vehicles: A foldable seat and standing height thanks to the aerodynamic roof hood  facilitate movement in the driver's cab, generously dimensioned sliding doors simplify every passage and every entry, the shelving system makes everyday work easier for every deliverer and keeps parcels in their place with the safety edge.LED interior lights serve to illuminate the large area of the workplace.In terms of ergonomics, the rear is also impressive: the two-wing rear door and the spring-loaded, joint-gentle rear step contributes to optimized work processes. Here you are just reading a small excerpt from the many ergonomic features. Talk to us – we will be happy to tell you more!

Road Safety, Aerodynamics and Lines

| Features nicely combined

The sliding door on the passenger side is equipped with generously designed window areas and enables optimal visibility and insight into the blind spot for increased road safety. The roof hood optimizes the aerodynamics on the outside and ensures more ergonomics and freedom of movement on the inside. strong>. Because: Superstructures can also be beautiful!

Many details and equipment options

| A well-rounded concept

Small but practical little helpers make everyday work easier in a SPIER parcel vehicle: An additional compartment in the loading area serves as a storage option for a parcel delivery truck, for example. Details such as Handholds, non-slip checker plate or low step heights contribute to the driver's comfort, healthy posture and safety.The combination of two anti- Slip profiles made of aluminum on the vehicle floor and load securing net guarantee load safety.

You can also equip your SPIER package vehicle according to your wishes: In the upper area of the roof hood you will not only find plenty of headroom, but also practical things such as storage options if desired. A door locking system with mechanical locking, which can also be installed in an electronic version, provides protection against theft. You can also make everyday work easier with a bracelet that locks and unlocks the locking system. The painting of the vehicle can be done completely according to your wishes. The smooth surface of the assembly walls also allows advertising-effective and individual lettering. We'll do it for you.



Know-how since 1976

The history of the SPIER parcel vehicles is closely linked to the UPS company: A business meeting in 1976 at the UPS European headquarters in Neuss was about, among other things Delivery vehicles. A new product for SPIER, a new product also for Germany and all of Europe. And a huge opportunity

UPS hat aus jahrzehntelanger Erfahrung klare Ziele: Ihr maßgeschneidertes und bewährtes Fahrzeugkonzept aus den USA soll auch in Deutschland und Europa eingesetzt werden. Im Jahr 1977 fährt Willi Spier einen Tag als Beifahrer mit einem Auslieferungsfahrer der Firma UPS durch Manhattan/New York mit. Danach weiß er, worauf es ankommt: pure Funktionalität. Man geht von einer Lebensdauer der Fahrzeuge von 20 Jahren aus. Im Zentrum steht höchste Bedienungssicherheit und Rationalität sowie Schonung der Fahrer im täglichen Einsatz. Nach diesem Vorbild werden bei SPIER im Laufe der Jahrzehnte tausende Paketfahrzeuge für den europäischen Markt gefertigt, darunter der abgebildete SPIER P36...