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| Home delivery refrigerated vans: tailor-made concept

Home delivery vehicles for refrigerated transport on the so-called "last mile" must be tailor-made for the corresponding delivery concept. At the same time, the vehicles in city logistics must be easy to handle, practical in day-to-day use and ergonomic. The focus should be on the supplier so that he can work as efficiently and safely as possible. SPIER Home Delivery refrigerated vans make this possible with holistic solutions that are individually adapted to each customer.

SPIER Athlet Thermo home delivery refrigerated vehicles are available with single-chamber and multi-chamber refrigeration technology, HACCP-compliant and have excellent insulating properties (ATP).

| Pharmaceutical Vehicles: Highest requirements

Pharmaceutical vehicles with a body by SPIER are designed in accordance with the regulations of the Drug and Active Ingredient Manufacturing Ordinance (AMWHV) and the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) in order to optimally protect the very sensitive goods. SPIER Athlet Thermo cooling bodies are available with single-chamber and two-chamber cooling technology, HACCP-compliant and have excellent insulating properties (ATP).

The highest demands are placed on refrigerated bodies for pharmaceutical logistics. The SPIER Athlet Thermo refrigerated bodies guarantee you top performance to meet all the needs of this demanding customer group.

| Vehicles for fresh food logistics: You can count on that.

The requirements for refrigerated and fresh food services (butchers, delicatessen, meat trade, catering service, fruit and vegetable dealers and many more) are high, because they are subject to extensive food laws and more intense control. You and your customers value high-quality products. They expect excellent taste, long shelf life and freshness.

Fresh service vehicles with a SPIER body are robust daily companions. Be it in terms of the temperature maintained, the ease of loading and unloading, the insulating properties of the material or the lasting quality of the material used - You can count on it. SPIER fresh service refrigerated vehicles are available with both single-chamber and multi-chamber refrigeration technology.

| Frozenvehicles: Freeze-safe transport

Freezer vehicles with Athlet Thermo refrigerated bodies from SPIER enable you to sustainably, safely and efficiently transport goods. Due to deep-freezing, a lot is demanded of the cooling structure in terms of cooling capacity. In deep-freeze logistics, your valuable products or the products of your customers must arrive at their destination at at least a constant -18 °C. The body walls, which are up to 100 mm thick, and the body roof, which is up to 100 mm thick, with optimal insulating properties, in conjunction with a correspondingly powerful refrigeration machine, guarantee this deep-freezing transport.

We offer you freezer vehicles tailored to your needs, which promise the highest level of quality, safety, flexibility and reliability . Every day - to meet the high demands of everyday life, to provide your customers with the best possible care and to always be a little bit better. SPIER fresh service refrigerated vehicles are available with both single-chamber and multi-chamber refrigeration technology.

NEW | Refrigerated extensions for various panel vans

Aerodynamically, efficiently and sustainably built

| Proven SPIER aeroform construction

As one of the first body manufacturers with rounded body corners, we have relied on the practice-tested aeroform construction for decades. In addition to the optimal body tightness, the SPIER Athlet Thermo refrigerated body shines thanks to its excellent aerodynamics with extremely low air resistance and the associated fuel savings and economy. The robust aluminum body profiles protect the body even in rough conditions. This does not reduce the usable cargo space.

Certified performance

| Safety first

SPIER is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001. SPIER Athlet Thermo box bodies are in accordance with VDI 2700; EN 12195 Part 1 and EN 12642 (Code XL) tested and certified. 

With static pressure tests, dynamic tests and driving tests as well as a large number of possible temperature and insulation value tests, we give our customers additional extra security. Safety equipment (e.g. reversing cameras, turning assistants, numerous entry and exit aids, additional lighting or retro-reflective elements) and load securing adapted to your goods make your SPIER body safer - so that the driver and arrive safely at its destination at all times. Both TÜV and DEKRA have already confirmed this several times. Whether small or large goods, trolley or pallet loading, we have the right barrier solution ready so that you can  load your goods well.

In addition, SPIER Athlet Thermo bodies are HACCP-compliant and ATP certificates are available on request. In the field of pharmaceutical logistics, the vehicles are built according to GDP specifications, and much more.

Do you need a specific certification that is not listed? Feel free to contact us!

Our Philosophy

| Your Requirements are Our Focus

We produce and develop tailor-made products in our in-house design and development. Your requirements are the focus of the development, whether in terms of the rear ends, side door options, type of loading (e.g. double deck loading) or load securing.

Your SPIER refrigerated body is more than the sum of fine parts, because our goal is to guarantee you a versatile, high-quality and sustainable transport solution. Even years later your refrigerated body should still fulfill this philosophy.

Robust refrigerated bodies with high-quality workmanship

| For a long service life

The continuous further development of the product solutions not only protects your wallet, but also ensures a long service life. 

The stainless steel rear frame portal included as standard enables you to create numerous rear portal combinations. As with the rest of the structure, the focus here is on the special robustness and longevity. The durable construction of the substructure with hot-dip galvanized steel guarantees you a high level of protection against corrosion. With the shock-absorbing substructure, you are also prepared for poor road conditions.